What is Balletics?

Adult Ballet Classes

Balletics is a beautiful combination of a ballet class with a conditioning work-out.  You'll ooze finesse from your fingers to the tips of your toes. 

Prior to the class starting, you'll be welcomed by a warm greeting and the opportunity to discus any injuries or medical factors that might impede your movement. Your class will then commence with a Balletics warm up at the barre followed by a series of stretches to develop your flexibility. You'll then learn ballet steps and movements in the centre that we'll progressively develop in each class.  Through out the class, you'll learn ballet technique, poise, balance, short sequences /routines and even the French terminology!

The Story


 Balletics founder Michelle Martin has over 23 years experience teaching dance across many genres. At the age of 5 Michelle began her dance training in Doncaster competing in festivals, championships and examinations. Her career ensued,undertaking several professional contracts both internationally and in the UK. With a desire to train others of all abilitites, Michelle commenced her teaching exams at the age of 17 and to date holds 10 teaching qualifications across all stage and ballet genres. 

 "There's a budding ballerina in everyone.

Dance has taught me discipline, drive and determination, not to mention how to develop strength, flexibility and to let go - that mental and physical place where everything else disappears and the fire ignites. 

It contributes to the person I am today and for that I am and always be eternally grateful......and I'm lucky enough to be able to pass this all on"